Dog training is a very new career in India. We have had dogs with us in our homes as a part of our family for a very long time. We have kept them as guards, hunting partners, and much more. Keeping them in our homes as our friends is a relatively new concept to us. We have never really trained our pets to be calm and friendly. Hence it is difficult to find pet trainers who will understand your needs and make your pet the best boy in town. How do people become trainers? Most of them are self-taught trainers who understand the body language of pets and try to teach them tricks using treats. If you wanted to become a dog trainer say five years ago you would have to suffer a lot. Even if you are lucky enough to find one or two dog training courses in India, they may be located across the country. If you have been searching for a dog training center in India, you might have experienced the frustration of looking at the many exciting courses available abroad and wishing you could find one nearby.

If you are feeling stuck as you try to figure out how to become a dog trainer in India, you’re not alone. While dog training is certainly a new concept in India, it has been exploding in popularity relatively recently. It takes time to establish a new dog training institute in India, and so far only a few have popped up. That’s a shame because dog trainers in India are more and more in demand. Every pet parent now wants their pooch to behave in a certain way. They want them to respect boundaries, not hurt anyone, and above all obey them. If you want to pursue a career in dog training the time is right. You can start it up as a side business and if it feels right you can take it up full-time. The investment is really low, the skills required can be easily acquired and the average salary of a dog trainer is expected to increase by 70% in the coming five years. 

Dog training near me is taking a very new turn in India. People are not just getting their pets trained so that it becomes easier to handle the, they actually want to compete in different contests with a fully trained dog. There are a lot of events that invite pet parents from all around the world to showcase how nicely their pets can follow their commands. On average an adult dog can learn around 100 words, actions and commands. This in human years makes them just as smart as a two years old human baby. But trust me it is much easier to train a dog that to train a two-year-old baby. Your job as a pet trainer would not become a stressful job. you may not even know exactly how to start. One option is to attend one of the few brick-and-mortar Indian dog training schools that exist. If you are motivated and don’t mind traveling, a dog training institute in India may provide what you are looking for. Be sure to choose one with a good reputation that focuses on trust-based training, not harsh, punitive methods.

The next thing that you can do is enroll yourself in an online dog training course. of course, online training will not be able to give you the hands-on experience that you need to become a trusted and experienced dog trainer but it will surely give you the knowledge of different breeds, their basic behavior, dog psychology, and how to understand the body language of a dog. His knowledge is just as important as hands-on training. If you are a pet owner yourself, perfect, you can try all the teaching techniques on your pet and you can even ask to train your friends and family if they have a pet. The best thing about living in India here can be that we have a lot of street dogs. Wherever you go there is always a bunch of dogs chasing cars on the streets. You can try training them for the experience. Where else can you find such a big, challenging, and diverse bunch of pets to train? 

If you decide to attend a dog training school what dog-related skills and knowledge would you like to brush up on or learn? Any reputable dog training school will have a detailed course outline available. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that it covers an extensive range of dog training skills. It should include basic dog obedience and correcting behavioral problems. But it would be nice to also cover giving puppy classes, special techniques for helping rescue dogs, tricks, and advanced behaviors. A really quality course should also give you an understanding of dog psychology. And to serve as a foundation for your training methodology, you will also want to learn the theoretical underpinnings of dog training.

A cat boarding service near me says that “Becoming a pet trainer can be a very interesting job if you are a pet lover”. You can take your pets to work with you every day. Furthermore, you will be doing something you love for a living. If you are really good and successful you can even open up a training center of your own and hire trainers under you to work. This will make the work easier for you and your income would not be affected. In developing and developed cities people are in desperate need of pet trainers as they themselves do not have much time to train their pets in this fast moving life. The new trend is that people call the trainers to their homes to train their pets. This way they do not have to worry about the transportation and they can be a part of the training. If you can manage to provide these services you can charge a lot more and can make a very decent income from just a few customers. So are you ready to become a pet trainer?